Nitin Shah
Ice cream consultancy services since 1998..


To set up Green Field Ice Cream Projects right form Planning, Execution, Testing, Operations and Maintenance.

Formulating project plan including detailed Design, Layout, and Engineering.

Schedule of activities, Duration and Cost parameters for project completion.

Drawn up requirements of manpower, machines and material resources.

Implemented procurement initiatives to ensure in time on most competitive terms.

Defined scope of the project and played key role in award of construction.

Held periodic review meetings, cleared doubts and ambiguities to ensure smooth work.

Structured quality control systems/procedures to ensure consistency in quality.

Meticulously regulated stores at site maintaining logical inventory levels.

Arranged project testing and trial runs to stabilize systems for bulk production.

Supplied technical know how and formulations to produce different varieties of Ice creams to meet varied market needs.

Recommended preventive maintenance practices to maximize uptime of the machines while ensuring prolonged service life there of.

Maintained close coordination with all involved agencies - site engineers, architects, contractors, principal- to ensure bottleneck free execution of project as per schedule.